Saturday, July 9, 2011

Linking Word

Definition: A linking word is the word which is used to link or to connect two words or sentences together in a larger sentence.

**Note: linking words are used to connect ideas when writing. They enable the writing to flow from one idea to the one next one in a logical and cohesive way.

Linking Words:
a) Conjunctions: And, but, or, when, while, if, unless, until, till, lest, lest, though, although, after, before, since, us, that, so that, in order, yet, as well as, along with, with, together with, so, for, as long as, as soon as, even if, so.…. that, whether …… or, both …... and, so …, as …….as, no sooner …… than, hardly ……. when, scarcely ……. When, not only ……. But also, etc.

b) Relative Pronoun: who, which, whom, what, that, as, but, whatever, whoever, etc.

c) Relative Adverb: when, where, why, how, whenever, wherever, etc.

d) For confirmation/ stress:-
Obviously, specially, moreover, also, too, indeed, further, furthermore, actually.

e) Reference: for instance, For example, namely, such as, like, that is, in other words.

f) Result: therefore, thus, hence, then, so, so that, in order that, the consequence of, the result of, for this, that reason, because of, consequently, as a consequence, as a result, accordingly.

g) Place: in the back ground, to the left, to the right, in front, at the side, elsewhere, adjacent, here, there.

h) Time: now, then, once, soon, before, until, till, now, whenever, while, presently, shortly, finally, eventually, formerly, in the mean time, in the past, recently, currently, earlier, later, at the same time, in the past, at that time, afterward, after a while, thereafter, subsequently, previously, lately.

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