Saturday, July 9, 2011

Language study terms

Knowing these 80 words will be useful in your study of English and will also help you to use the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary more effectively. It includes words to do with grammar, pronunciation and punctuation.
abbreviation n.
active adj., n.
adjective n.
adverb n.
apostrophe n.
article n.
auxiliary (also auxiliary verb) n.
bracket n.
clause n.
colon n.
comma n.
comparative adj., n.
compound n., adj.
conditional adj., n.
conjunction n.
consonant n.
contraction n.
countable adj.
continuous -->progressive
derivative n.
determiner n.
dialect n.
entry n.
exclamation n.
exclamation mark (especially BrE) (NAmE usually exclamation point) n.
figurative adj.
full stop (BrE) n.
gerund n.
hyphen n.
idiom n.
imperative adj., n.
indirect speech -->reported speech
infinitive n.
inverted commas -->quotation marks
ironic adj.
irregular adj.
literal adj.
literary adj.
modal n.
noun n.
object n.
ordinal n.
paragraph n.
parenthesis n.
part of speech (also word class) n.
participle n.
particle n.
passive adj., n.
perfect adj.
period (NAmE) n.
phrasal verb n.
plural n., adj.
possessive adj., n.
prefix n.
preposition n.
progressive (also continuous) adj.
pronoun n.
punctuation n.
question mark n.
question tag (also tag question) n.
quotation marks (BrE also inverted commas) n.
reflexive adj.
register n.
regular adj.
relative adj.
reported speech (also indirect speech) n.
saying n.
semicolon n.
simple adj.
singular n., adj.
slang n.
slash n.
subject n.
suffix n.
superlative adj., n.
syllable n.
taboo adj.
tag question -->question tag
tense n.
uncountable adj.
verb n.
vowel n.
word class -->part of speech

BrE= British English 
NAmE= North American English
Source: Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary (Seventh Edition).

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