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An Interjection is an exclamatory sound thrown into a sentence to express an emotion of the mind, and is not properly a part of speech, since it does not enter into the construction of sentence.

*An Interjection is a word or sound thrown into a sentence to express some feeling of the mind. --> J.C. Nesfield.

*An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling. --> Wren & Martin.

Examples: Ah! Alas! (grief); hurrha! huzza! (joy)! fie! (reproof): tut! tut! pish! (disgust or contempt); hark lo! (attention); bravo! hear! hear! (approval); ho! hallo! (a call); hump! hem! (doubt or surprise).

Interjectional Phrases: Many Phrases are used interjectionally forming no part of the structure of sentences.
Examples: For shame! Good gracious! Good heavens!

A few group of words of an interjectional character like the following, whether followed by the exclamation mark or not, are not Interjections, but rather elliptical sentences.
Examples: How awful! =How awful it is! What a mess= what a mess it is! Well done! = It is done well.

An Interjection when followed by a Preposition or by the conjunction that may form a necessary part of the grammatical structure of a sentence.
Examples: Alas for me! Fie upon you! Hurrah for the victor! Oh that I could do this!

Interjection May Express
expressing happiness
"Ah, that feels good."
expressing realization
"Ah, now I understand."
expressing resignation
"Ah well, it can't be hoped."
expressing grief
"Alas, Indira Gandhi is no more."
expressing encouragement
"Bravo! You are done well."
hello, hullo
expressing greeting
"Hello John. How do you do?"
expressing surprise
"Hello! My car's gone!"
calling attention
"Hey! Look at that!"
expressing surprise, joy etc
"Hey! What a good idea!"
expressing greeting
"Hi! What's new?"
expressing joy
"Hurrah! Today is holiday."
oh, o
expressing surprise
"Oh! You're here!"
expressing pain
"Oh! I've got a toothache."
expressing pleading
"Oh, please say 'yes'!"
expressing pain
"Ouch! That hurts!"
expressing hesitation
"Uh...I don't know the answer to that."
expressing agreement
"Shall we go?" "Uh-huh."
expressing surprise
"Well I never!"
introducing a remark
"Well, what did he say?"

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